Jungles in Paris

Jungles in Paris tells stories about nature and culture. We use a range of media to explore planet Earth in all its multi-colored diversity, with a special focus on roots and place. Spotlighting craft, culture, geography and wildlife, we aim to celebrate subjects—human and non-human alike—that are often at risk of extinction in a globalized, growth-driven 21st century.

We prioritize the local, the endemic, the time-honored, and the meaningful. Rather than pure advocacy, we practice purpose-driven media. We aim in our work to restore a sense of enchantment around the things that matter, employing creative nonfiction methods to propose a more enlightened way of engaging with the ecosystems and cultural possibilities around us.


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  • “An artistic armchair travel platform.”
    New York Times
  • “[One of the] best independent travel magazines.”
    The Guardian
  • “Stunningly beautiful video postcards.”
  • “A reminder that the world is still full of surprises.”
    Fast Company
  • “Beautiful photography and films on the cultures, crafts and wildlife of the world.”
  • “Travel videos worth a damn.”
  • “Cool-as-shit armchair travel.”
    Bullett Media
  • “Arresting imagery.”
    The Last Magazine
  • “Video and photo essays that deeply investigate the nature of place.”
    Matador Network


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